Carsten Wicke

23 November 2021 

Rudra Vina recital - one of the oldest music traditions in the world

Balázs Virágh 

Balázs, a young Hungarian percussionist, is one of the few artists to turn to ancient percussion – Pakhawaj – which is considered to be the father of all percussion instruments. He is currently in the process of setting up the first school in Hungary to teach Indian music.

Carsten Wicke 
rudra veena

Kolkata based Carsten Wicke is regarded today as one of the world’s most outstanding Rudra Veena maestros, whose music is carrying the almost lost sound of the Rudra Veena from the thousands-of-years old tradition into the present.

Eva Hlinková

Czech tanpura player which performed with a lot of great musicians like Roop Verma, Ranajit Sengupta, Arjun Verma and many others.


Kampa Theatre
Nosticova 634/2a, 110 00 Malá Strana

Are you interested in practicing Indian music?

Dhrupad Workshop with
Carsten Wicke

An intensive weekend workshop on the Dhrupad style of Hindustani music will
be conducted in the Yoga school of Bast near Prague, which will be dedicated
primarily to melodic aspects of this ancient meditative form of music via
classical ragas interpretation. The workshop will be conducted by Carsten
Wicke. It is not only suitable for Indian instrument players, but for all musicians
who are interested in Indian music, vocalists, instrumentalists as well as musical
beginners. We recommend the workshop also to people interested in combining
relaxing aspects of yoga with the power of sound. Accommodation and
vegetarian meals will be provided on the spot.

Location: Škola jógy Bašť, Dlouhá 180, Bašť
If you are interested, please write to

Tentative time schedule:
26 November – 28 November

Rough estimate of total price (depends on the number of participants):
150 EUR (100 EUR workshop fee + approx. 50 EUR for accommodation and food)

Registrations for the workshop possible by contacting us at or phone number +420 777 295 473.

Registration fee of 100 EUR will be required.

Check some photos and shedules from past workshops.
Carsten Wicke / Rudra veena

Carstens presentation of the old classical Raga music unites in an unparalleled way the meditative depth in the Alap (introduction) ‐ the unparalleled fortitude of the Dagarbani Dhrupad ‐ with the dynamic interpretation of the faster performance stages (Jor, Jhala) ‐ a distinguished characteristic of the Khandarbani style. While combining subtle melodic variations with complex rhythmical finger stroke techniques his exceptional playing style creates a unique listening experience that is appreciated by Indian music lovers as well as by the international audience.

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Past Events

Sargam – Indian Classical Music Society originated at the beginning of 2018 as a non-governmental non-profit organization aimed at promotion of Indian classical music in the Czech Republic. Sargam has organized several concerts and workshops, inviting top-class musicians into the Heart of Europe.
Sumeet Anand Pandey / vocal
Balázs Virágh / pakhawaj

12 November 2019

Pt. Ranajit Sengupta / sarod
Mainak Banerjee / tabla

7 November 2019

Arjun Verma / sitar
Florian Schiertz / tabla

18 April 2019


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